Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Letter Sounds in 3 Months or Less....*updated*

*** update: I noticed that the creator of this song has an updated version, which I posted here instead. I also updated my book, but since both are so time-consuming (and some may have the other CD) they are both up on scribd. The version that matches the video is v2.***

That probably sounds like a huge claim, but I totally stand by it.  This song, combined with other Montessori-inspired lessons can teach most normal children their letter sounds very quickly.  I am so excited to find a YouTube Video!  I usually use it with a giant book I made myself.

Each year, I teach kindergarten intervention during my lunch hour.  Our main focus is letter sounds for standardized tests.  I sing this song with students every single day.  I also used it to help my own children learn their letter sounds.  I made a little reader to go along with it.  Students practice reading it with me and at a home every single day.  Since the song is copyrighted material, you can download the book for free.  It took a TON of time to put together.  Enjoy!

Sounds Like Fun Emergent Reader v2

If you download these and like them, please make sure you give me credit for my work.  Follow my blog, or leave a comment!

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