Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Classroom decor Linky Party

 First Grade Blue Skies is hosting a Linky party that is all about classroom decor.  I love Linky Parties!  This one was actually kind of hard for me, though, because I am taking a *huge* pay cut this year, and I have told myself over and over how happy I am with what I already have!  Truly, though, I am super happy with my classroom colors/decor.  This will be my third year with the same stuff, and I'm not tired of it yet!  You've probably seen from my classroom pictures that I have a blue, green, black and white theme, with polka dots.  I love it!  It's very me. :)  

Still, I guess it never hurts to dream!

Teacher Created Resources Black Polka Dots Calendar Chart, Black (7605)

A new calendar set would be nice... with cute polka dots, of course!

Teacher Created Resources Polka Dot Months Headliners, Multi Color (4481)

matching monthly headers

Teacher Created Resources September Polka Dots Calendar Days/Story Starters, Lime Border (5083)
monthly calendar tiles for each month of the year... with story prompts on the back of each!

Teacher Created Resources Black Polka Dots Chart, Black (7677)
Notepad "paper" poster... to laminate and write down our circle rules together.

And I may as well dream big if I am dreaming.... I have always wanted these little chairs for my library!  And they're at such a great price right now.  Bummer.  Oh, well.  The kids love my library as it is!

I want to create a new rug area this year.  This rug would be SO cute!

Natural Counter Height Director's Chair
This year I'm going to be using a Hollywood theme.  Wouldn't this be the cutest Author's Chair?  This I really do wish for!

15' Red Carpet Runner
And of course, a red carpet for my little superstars!

That's all.  Really.  Well, that and about a bazillion other things for the kids and I to actually USE, but that is for another party, I suppose.  :)

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  1. Doesn't hurt to dream big! I'm a new follower! Love those little chairs!!
    Thanks for linking up!!
    First Grade Blue SKies