Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Did that really just happen??? and a free game

Last night was one of my strangest yet.  I spent several hours in the emergency room and had to be put under to have surgery.  You would think something terrible happened to me, but no, not really.  I ate fish for dinner, and got a bone stuck in my throat.  After two hours of trying everything on the internet, that little guy was stuck in there even better than before.  I couldn't talk very loud because the vibrations caused the fish bone to poke further into my throat.

So, I decided to head over the hospital.   I had been swimming that day, and cooking fish.  My hair was in a frizzy pony-tail.  But, did I think to change my clothes, put on some makeup, or wash up? Oh, no, I was solely focused on the fish bone stuck in my esophagus.  So, it would only stand to reason that my Dr. would be the father of my students  (he has the cutest little twin boys!) from last year.   I was lucky enough to have a lovely yellow stain all down my shirt from a nectarine I ate while trying to push down the fish bone.  How embarrassing!

When going out in public, it is best for a teacher to always be prepared.  Even in the ER, you just never know who you are going to see!

In honor of my lovely surgery, I have made these cute fish sight word cards for my son.  He is currently practicing Kindergarten sight words, so they would be a great beginning of the year activity for your kiddos.  They can be cut out, laminated, and attach a magnet to the back to use for a fishing game.  Or, just cut into cards and laminate for flash cards, war, you name it.    My little guy has been terribly worried about me (I got to drag both kids to the hospital with me, and they saw me as I went under and woke up).  I thought this might help us to laugh a little, and commemorate the experience.  I also wrote him a little emergent reader about a mom who gets fish stuck in her throat.  Haha!  This, I won't share.  I'm sure no one wants a bunch of calls from parents whose children are afraid to eat fish!

Have a lovely day!  Mine will definitely be fish-free! :)

K fish HF words

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  1. What an ordeal! I'm glad everything turned out ok!