Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Pinterest Finds - a new addiction

I have *finally* been admitted into the "cool kids club" of Pinterest. :-)   I am officially addicted.  I've spent hours just pinning away!  Here are some of my favorite finds so far:

This would be great for a lesson about Mondrian!! Granted, the lines would be white instead of black, but it's the same general principal. My firsties would love it!

This I didn't actually find on Pinterest, but I pinned it on there. It's an idea from a preschool blog I follow. ( I love this idea, and plan to go shopping for my own placemats soon!

A pegboard writing center! LOVE it!

I really, REALLY want to eat this! I just don't want the associated weight gain.

I have to make these for my kiddos this year!

There are TOO many things to love on Pinterest. Now I have to get off the computer and actually do something myself. If you haven't entered my Giveaway yet, check it out!

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