Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Little Projects

I have just 12 days until students arrive in my classroom!  12 days!  Waaahhh!  I want to pretend like it's not happening, and go have fun with my little boys!  

But, alas... I have been diligently focusing on my classroom for last few days.  I am either at school, or at home thinking and planning about school.  I've also stayed up WAY too late working on little projects.  I thought you might like to see a few of the little things I have done:

This year's bathroom passes.  I'll spray with lysol every day, but I think it's going to keep them out of the toilet, and maybe just a little more germ-free!  Made with sparkle visors from Wal-Mart, and sparkle letter stickers from Dollar Tree.

"Ask Me" visors are for my student helpers during lessons where students need help.  I use during writers' workshop, and/or I will have my first finishers put them on to help other students during any type of lesson.  They would be great during centers, too, when you are working with small groups.  Students would know if there is something that can't wait, or they need help with their electronic equipment, they can go to the "Ask Me" student.  I'm sure you have more ideas of how to use!

My new Star of the week bag! Made with a black snap bag from the Target Dollar Spot, iron-on letters, and sparkle fabric paint.  I also painted "Mrs. Geary's Class" on back in case it gets left on a bus!

These awesome notebooks were an idea from Leslie, at Jack of All Trades!  See her tutorial here.  I made some for my co-workers and I, and next I will make some for my boys' teachers.  I think it's a great little back to school gift!  

The "Rock Star" Desk.  Hot-glued a wooden guitar from Hobby Lobby, and used sticker letters.  I'm sure they'll need replaced several times.  This desk will be used for the student with "Rockin'" behavior each day.  I'm doing a Hollywood theme in my room, and I thought it would be fun to choose a rock star at the end of every day.  Since I use tables, the desk is a novelty for students, and they love to be the one who gets to sit in it for the next day!  I announce at the end of every day, and we cheer for the student selected.

I love this little owl cover I made for my shelf!  It hides all of my personal items.  This shelf is part of the student writing center on top, but since I don't have a teacher desk this year, I needed to store some of my things below.  You can't see in the picture, but I sewed button holes on both sides, and the curtain is resting on some hooked magnets  (metal shelf), so I can open it at any time.  

Two more sewing projects -  skirts for a table and projector cart.  I sewed ribbon around the top to make it cuter. :)

Now I have to get busy with my walls.  I have a goal to be organized by Wednesday.  I'm not sure if I'll make it, but I'm sure going to try!


  1. Love it! I love the skirts for the table, etc. It definitely makes the room look nice! I love your little visors, too! So creative!

  2. Thanks for posting about my journals!!! Glad they could inspire you too!!!

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