Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 5: The Grinch

Today we unwrapped, and began a week's worth of activities with, Dr. Seuss' famous Christmas story - How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

 We read the first parts of the story, and reviewed our story elements:  characters, setting, problem.  Next, we read the middle and discussed the details of the story.   We completed the following worksheet as a class.  I guided the discussion with the overhead. We're old-school like that. ;-)

We didn't get a chance to finish the story, but we will do that tomorrow.  We will review what we have learned so far about the parts of a story, read the ending, and discuss how the problem was resolved.  We will continue the fun with the grinch all this week!  Some of our fun activities:

  • Grinch glue (green glue) for our spelling word practice.
  • "Make a Grinch smile" writing project.  We will write a class book of ways to make a Grinch smile, with illustrations.  I wanted to do an art project to go with it, but I think I'm doing enough art already this week!
  • Grinch word work centers from Babbling Abby.
  • I introduced a fun math game today for our math centers time.  We learned about the number line today, and counting up from the biggest number.  I wanted to create something that would allow students to practice counting up, and involve some "grinchy" fun, as well!   The instructions are included with the game below:

In keeping with our "Dr. Suess" theme for the week, our class gets to go to our local high school's production of Seussical, Jr. on Thursday!  It's close enough to walk, and with budget cuts, it will be our first 1st grade field trip in 3 years!  When I told the kids we were going on a field trip they were So excited!  I think I might be just as excited as they are. :-)

 *Update* - My students did such a cute job with their retellings, I had to post a few pictures.  (please pardon the low quality - I'm having trouble figuring out the flash when taking pictures of something white!):


 "he got to serve the roast beast."

 "His heart grew 3 sizes bigger and he liked Christmas."

"The Grinch wanted to ruin Christmas."

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